Life Sciences Case Study

Bottom Line

In 2003, the Clinical Operations group of a top-five pharmaceutical company wasn't getting the information they needed from their existing systems. They had evaluated off-the-shelf reporting software, but thought it was difficult to use, too expensive, and would take too long to implement. We delivered a working solution in four weeks that has since expanded to over 600 users, and is still being used today.

The Problem

The Call Center within the Clinical Operations group used leading CRM software which, while capturing the necessary call data effectively enough, was less than optimal when it came to providing the necessary executive-level reporting and analysis. The management team was 'flying blind', and had to work through a centralized IT group to define and create necessary managerial reports on an ad-hoc basis. The process was inefficient, costly, and time-consuming, and severely limited the availability of vital information.

When the business team began looking at packaged reporting software, they found that the available tools were expensive, complex, and required a significant investment of IT time and effort to implement. What's more, the business users didn't want to have to train on complex software. They just wanted a simple, cost-effective way to get at critical information, without having to go through a lot of manual effort, and without having to rely on a central IT or Analysis group.

Our Solution

Our concept was simple - easy access to 'standard' reports that would benefit the majority of users in a business unit, along with the ability for any user to easily create custom reports from scratch and save them for later retrieval.

We delivered a working prototype of Reportics®, running on our hosted servers and loaded with data from their Call Center, in four weeks. We demonstrated the application to their management team, and when they all but ignored the simple functionality of the tool, and focused instead on call center statistics that they were never able to see before, we knew we had a hit.


Since our start in the call center, our analytics platform has been expanded to incorporate and consolidate data from all corners of the clinical operation, providing an enterprise view of critical information that for the first time enables true cross-functional analysis. Over 600 users are currently using the platform, with more being added every day.