Avaion E3™ - Agile Solution Development

Based on the Adaptive Life Cycle, developed by James Highsmith, Avaion E3™ belongs to the family of Agile Methodologies. Rather than rigidly attempting to eradicate change, Avaion E3™ instead embraces change, seeing deviations as mile markers that guide stakeholders towards the correct solution, one that could not have been envisioned during the early planning phases of a project or process.

The Avaion E3™ Framework, illustrated below, consists of three phases: Envision, Execute, and Evaluate.

An important feature of Avaion E3™ is that it focuses on results, rather than tasks, by defining specific "Components" of a system and their relative quality characteristics. Then, through close collaboration with the business stakeholders, in short iterations or "Cycles", those components can be defined or re-defined as appropriate, with a focus not on constraints imposed by the original planning and system design, but rather on the specific, emerging needs of the business.

Avaion E3 Methodology

In his book, "Adaptive Software Development", Highsmith defines the overall benefits resulting from agile methodologies such as Avaion E3™:

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