Avaion Privacy Statement

To maximize the value of Avaion products and services, we may request information from you when you visit our Web site. Below we describe the information we collect and how it is used for purchasing Avaion products, or for specific services and/or features found on this site.


Site Registration

When registering for access to premium content on our site, we request your name, address and e-mail address, as well as additional optional information about how you purchase and use technology. When provided, we use the optional information to learn more about you, our customer, and how best to serve you in future products and/or offerings.

Order Processing

When purchasing our software, we, or a contracted third-party payment processing firm, will request name, address, and credit card information over a secure connection in order to complete the order. This information is used solely to complete the transaction, and is not shared internally or with outside companies for any other purpose.

Technical Support and Feedback

Registered customers have access to Technical Support resources over and above those offered on the public site. You may provide feedback on Avaion products or services, make product suggestions, submit bug reports or make other suggestions. For premium support, we require full registration (as described previously). In cases of free support and/or product feedback, we only require specific information regarding the product and the nature of the situation, such as your feedback, question, suggestion or bug report. You may include your name and contact information in your submission, however, we are not able to respond to each submission. All submissions are treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary and, as such, may be published or used by Avaion, without your personal information, for any purpose.

Announcements/Special Promotions

At the time you register for our products or additional website content, you will be given the option to receive e-mail correspondence from Avaion regarding product or service announcements or promotions.

Updating Your Contact/Personal Information

You may update your personal and/or contact information through our Web site located at http://www.avaion.com. As with any premium content, we require you to log-in with your User ID and Password prior to allowing you update your information.

Your Requests

You may submit forms to inquire about the availability of Avaion products and/or services. We ask for your contact information, such as name, address, phone number, and e-mail, so that we will be able to reach you to discuss your request.

Demo Registration

You may request a demo of various Avaion products through our demo sign up form, when one is available. We ask you to submit your name, contact information including e-mail address, and additional optional information regarding your needs and preferences. We will use this information to contact you. At no time will we share personally identifiable information collected other than as necessary to provide the demo of the product as requested.

Service Alerts and Critical Notices

Although we respect and honor the privacy preferences you have expressed, we may need to contact you to inform you of specific changes that may impact your ability to use Avaion products and/or services, or for other critical non-marketing purposes, such as bug alerts. We may also contact you to respond to your specific requests, or to clarify any order information you have provided to us.